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8 Major Teams

With the concept of people-oriented, we build comprehensive R&D team.

  • 01
    Dermatology Research Team

    Dermatology Research Team

    Targeted pathways, fundamental science

    Responsible for studying the mechanisms of dermatology and testing the efficacy of active ingredients
  • 02
    Fermentation Team

    Fermentation Team

    The strains are carefully selected, adopting innovative processes

    Responsible for researching and developing fermented active substances
  • 03
    Natural Product Team

    Natural Product Team

    Materials are locally sourced,the extraction is based on technology

    Responsible for the development of natural extract raw materials
  • 04
    Biosynthesis Team

    Biosynthesis Team

    Genetic engineering, cost reduction, efficiency enhancement

    Responsible for researching and developing highly active substance biosynthesis
  • 05
    Cosmetic Raw Material Team

    Cosmetic Raw Material Team

    Self-developed materials, exclusive technology

    Responsible for the modification research and development of cosmetic-related raw materials
  • 06
    Medical Aesthetics & Materials Team

    Medical Aesthetics & Materials Team

    Keeping up with the times, advance the technological layout

    Responsible for the development of medical-aesthetic-related active substances and materials
  • 07
    Formulation Team

    Formulation Team

    Adopting ancient formulas to today, independently researching new raw material formulas for medical aesthetics

    Responsible for the application of raw materials and the development of innovative formulas
  • 08
    Technical Support Team

    Technical Support Team

    Overall management, rapid response

    Responsible for guiding and supporting the development of active substances

R&D Timeline

  • 2021(Establishment of Shanghai A&H International Cosmetics Co., Ltd.)
  • 2022(Opening in Fengxian Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Building)

    Permanent Committee Member of the China Daily Chemical Industry Association

    First SCI paper published(Six pairs of ......)

    First invention patent application - Offline three-dimensional high-speed counter-current chromatographic method for compound separation

  • 2023(Officially settled in Shanghai Zizhu Emerging Industrial Park)

    Member Unit of Shanghai Daily Chemical Industry Association

    Member Unit of Shanghai Society of Toxicology

    Member Unit of China Association of Fragrance Flavor and Cosmetic Industry

    First utility model patent - Micro-jet extractor

    Trial production of skincare raw material product - Fermented dendrobium

    First trial production and sales of SiFilm series color powder for cosmetics raw material

    First promotion of raw material "Heyaneyuemeng" in cosmetics and personal care products

Patent Technology
Patent Display
6 invention patents, 49 utility model patents
2 design patents.

Representative Figures of R&I Team
Major Honors