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Stringent Quality Executives

Maintain smooth communication with customers, obtain regular feedback, review product quality, and adhere to principles of continuous optimization

Stringent Quality Executives

Quality Assurance Department ensures the reliability and feasibility of experimental results with rigorous attitude and scientific validation, which are essential for A&H technology development. The Department of Moderate-sized Tests continually provides accurate data and reliable conclusions for cosmetic technology through rigorous experiment design and operations, contributing to the accumulation of beauty knowledge and overall the development of A&H technology.

  • Continual Optimization of Quality Plans
    Continual Optimization of Quality Plans
  • Continuously Provide Quality Objectives
    Continuously Provide Quality Objectives
  • Consistent Commitment to Quality
    Consistent Commitment to Quality
  • Constantly Remember Environmental Management
    Constantly Remember Environmental Management

Customized Quality Management

  • High-Quality Inspection Equipment

    High-Quality Inspection Equipment

    An investment of 10 million RMB in equipment systems with precise instruments

  • Precise Personnel Arrangement

    Precise Personnel Arrangement

    Over 20 quality inspectors are systematically managed for pilot testing

  • High-frequency Inspection Principles

    High-frequency Inspection Principles

    Adherence to the principle of "one batch, one inspection," regardless of cost, to ensure product quality

  • Multidimensional testing system

    Multidimensional testing system

    To ensure precision and rigor, we employ multi-dimensional testing methods in individual inspection projects, thereby ensuring the reliability of product quality