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Innovative Quality Control Revolution

When innovative products require new processes, A&H International Cosmetics' production technology team flexibly conducts technical innovations on the basis of conventional engineering innovations

Processes and Procedures

  • Product Concept
  • Analysis of Production Feasibility
  • Production Trials
  • Existing Technologies & Innovative Processes
  • Quality Oriented Massive Production

Customize the Project to Meet Product Demands

  • Matching Product Requirements

    Customize product formulas according to requirements, and input product specifications such as time, price, and packaging materials

  • Develop Product Plans

    Refine product standards based on customer requirements, including color, scent, active ingredients, and skin feel

  • Record Sample Data

    Create formula categories, record specific information about formulas and raw materials in the information system, avoiding customer-restricted components and regulatory-restricted components

  • Inspect Product Materials

    The technical department inspects the initial batch of produced sample materials, and subsequently provides quality safety evaluations

  • Determine Product Processes

    The process department specifies detailed production requirements, including equipment types, production time, location, production cycles, packaging materials, and costs

  • Implement Quantitative Production

Matching Product Requirements
Develop Product Plans
Record Sample Data
Inspect Product Materials
Determine Product Processes
Implement Quantitative Production
Comprehensive Quality Assessment System
  • Regular Evaluations

    Establish an internal quality evaluation system within the company, regularly conducting GMP assessments based on actual requirements.

  • Continuous Improvement

    Timely optimize and follow-up on quality assessment standards according to external safety regulations and customer requirements, maintaining dynamic continuity for cost optimization.

  • Customer Orientation

    Adhering to a customer-centric principle, regularly conduct satisfaction surveys for key customers, continuously adjusting product planning based on customer needs.

  • Adherence to Regulations

    Based on material and production principles compliant with laws and regulations, we produce safe and standardized products according to customer requirements, striving to provide a high-quality service experience.