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Specialized Production
  • Specialized Production 1

    Specialized Production 1

    Automatic filling machine, online dynamic weighing machine, automatic labeling machine, automatic boxing machine, visual inspection, Fully Automatic Transparent Film 3D Packaging Machine, standard traceability collection associated line (one code for one item)

    Customizes unique automated production processes for products to standardize production, ensuring stable product quality, maximizing labor efficiency, and optimizing production costs.
  • Specialized Production 2

    Specialized Production 2

    Freeze dryer, Blow-Fill-Seal (BFS) automatic filling machine

    Wef follows brand confidentiality principles, possessing a confidential workshop. It's the only company nationwide with both low-temperature dehydration technology and a BFS system. Daily production can reach 30,000 to 50,000 units. Currently, over 10 million products have been stocked without any leaks.
  • Specialized Production 3

    Specialized Production 3

    Extensive Production Capacity System

    Blending Workshop: It includes three major blending workshops for powders, wax-based, and comprehensive products. This comprises over 100 pieces of equipment such as vacuum emulsifying kettles, vacuum deaeration melting systems, ultrafine air pulverizers, high-speed powder homogenizers, and high-speed dispersion systems.
    Production Systems: Encompassing skincare production, wax-based filling, powder canning, Low-temperature 3D precision dehydration, and BFS (Blow-Fill-Seal) - a total of over 400 pieces of production equipment.
    Packaging Department: Comprising 50 packaging assembly lines, including 15 for powder packaging, 35 for cream-based packaging, and over 200 packaging machines.
  • Specialized Production 4

    Specialized Production 4

    Negative pressure weighing hood and weighing system

    Weighing area: Independently designed primary, intermediate, and high-efficiency laminar flow to ensure no external pollution/cross-contamination risks in the weighing area.
    Weighing system control: Upper computer downloads formulation weighing orders, material recognition through code scanning enables material traceability, first-in-first-out management, accurate weighing, and effective avoidance of human operational errors.
  • Specialized Production 5

    Specialized Production 5

    Ventilation system, compressed air system

    Robust and stable public engineering systems: Ensures automatic control and monitoring of the production environment via the upper computer, real-time monitoring of environmental temperature, humidity, and air pressure in various production areas, enabling scheduled disinfection and fresh air exchange.
    Clean Compressed Air System: The system design employs an oil-free dry compressors which is the most advanced in the world, effectively preventing oil contamination caused by equipment. The system incorporates multiple-stage precision filters, refrigerated dryers, desiccant adsorption dryers, and sterilizing filters. It ensures that the oil content in the compressed air for production is ≤0.01 mg/m³, and the water content's pressure dew point is ≤-20℃, making it nearly equivalent to pharmaceutical-grade compressed air.
  • Specialized Production 6

    Specialized Production 6

    Purified water system

    The water quality significantly surpasses pharmacopeial standards, with the total numbers of bacteria colony less than 1cfu/ml. It operates through an unmanned, fully automated system with intelligent configurations. It is designed, manufactured, debugged, and validated according to FDA requirements. The S7-1500 control system complies with GAMP 5 specifications and meets the FDA21 CFR PART211 regulations, and it’s equipped with audit traceability capabilities. The key components are sourced from internationally renowned brands: Gemu/Burkert, Wika, Jumo, M+T, among others.
  • Specialized Production 7

    Specialized Production 7

    EKATO emulsification pot

    The German-imported EKATO emulsification tank is among the best and most stable emulsification preparation equipment globally. It complies with GMPC requirements and is equipped with online CIP\SIP functionalities. The homogenizer's maximum circumferential speed reaches 27 meters/second, with a shear rate of up to 54,000s-1. It features a pre-mixing device suitable for internal/external circulation homogenization and is applicable in the production of creams, gels, suspensions, lotions, toothpaste, cosmetics, skincare products, and other low to high viscosity items.
  • Specialized Production 8

    Specialized Production 8

    BFS Blow-Fill-Seal Integrated Machine, Nitrogen Generator

    Using pharmaceutical-grade equipment and processes to manufacture cosmetic products maximizes the reduction of product contamination during production and ensures freshness during storage. Blow-Fill-Seal (BFS) technology involves the continuous operation of a single machine to carry out the blow molding, filling, and sealing processes, all under aseptic conditions. Verified results demonstrate that equipment contamination rates can reach below 0.1%. Additionally, considering the analysis of culture media filling data, the contamination rate of the BFS system is as low as 0.001%. This technology is equipped with nitrogen gas protection during filling, with nitrogen purity ≥99.999%. This method ensures not only sterile filling but also provides nitrogen protection for formulas prone to oxidation.
  • Specialized Production 9

    Specialized Production 9

    Automatic compacting machine

    it adopts Robot + Vision + Mechanical Module + Programmable Process Program for fully automated production of powder compacts, blush, eyeshadows, etc., reducing human involvement for low-cost, high-quality services.
  • Specialized Production 10

    Specialized Production 10

    Fully automatic lipstick filling machine

    We have multiple fully automatic lipstick filling machines capable of producing various lipstick products, which have one color, multiple colors, or embossment. Delivering a diverse range of product processes to our clients, we simultaneously offer cost-effective, high-quality services.