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Unhindered Communication

You are encouraged to communicate with anyone regardless of hierarchical relationships.

We encourage our employees to work freely, in what ways they believe are most beneficial to the entire company

Communicate with others via email or face-to-face meetings

Regardless of hierarchies, exchange opinions with each other to gain more support and guidance

Flat Management

Flat Management

Employees can communicate across departments, even directly with Chairman Tian. Through active communication and collaboration, we hope you can contribute to the company's development without constraints. A&H International Cosmetics advocates fairness and freedom, appreciates and loves creative talents. Regardless of age and education, you can achieve tremendous growth and advancement at A&H International Cosmetics

A&H Training

Spreading A&H Spirit Worldwide

A&H International Cosmetics values talent development. We hope to see individuals coming from A&H International Cosmetics, with the genes of 'Chinese Beauty ' or 'Chinese Fashion', could spread across every corner of the industry and contribute to the global beauty in the future.