Humanistic Care
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Employee Welfare

  • Employee Welfare

    Employee Welfare

    Internal Journals, Chairman's Open Day (Symposium), Individual Interviews

  • Office Environment

    Office Environment

    Beautiful and well-equipped office environment with a pantry, gym, and employee cafeteria

  • Employee Training

    Employee Training

    Regularly invite professionals to train employees

  • Team-building Activities (Company Level, Department Level)

    Team-building Activities (Company Level, Department Level)

    Outdoor Activities, Spring and Autumn Sports Games/ Sports Competitions, Festival Parties

  • Physical and mental health

    Physical and mental health

    Health Check-ups, Flat Management

  • Work-Life Care

    Work-Life Care

    Holiday Care, Employee Illness Care, Birthday Care; Team Incentives, Heatstroke Prevention Subsidies

  • Work-Life Balance

    Work-Life Balance

    Paid Leaves, Support for Family Emergencies (Childcare, Illness, Bereavement)

  • Farewell Wishes

    Farewell Wishes

    Wishes for Departing Employees

Employee Care

When you have a grateful heart, all things you encounter will be fine.

A person's aura is important. When you are grateful, things will go smoothly; when you give, you receive; when you have a compassionate heart, you will be loved.

The beauty of the world stems from a kind and grateful heart. The most valuable four Chinese words in the world: Believe, Be Serious, Persist, Be Grateful.

Believers have opportunities, the diligent men change themselves, the persistent men change their destinies, and the grateful men keep their blessings.

Time, enriched by understanding, makes life beautiful; contentment warms the journey of life, and gratitude adds depth.