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Earth-friendly and Skin-friendly

Hello everyone, I'm Tian Yong, Chairman of A&H International Cosmetics Group. Firstly, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to people who have supported A&H before.

Since its establishment in 2006, A&H International Cosmetics has 17 years of research and development experience and has become a reliable and successful partner for many customers. We aspire to become one of the world's advanced integrated-service provider. On this purpose, A&H shoulders the mission of transmitting beauty, relying on cutting-edge research institutes to output the highest level of research and technology. Meanwhile, we are striving to provide more value to beauty worldwide with the concept of earth-friendly and skin-friendly.

In addition, we have set beauty trends to global area for these years, including China, US, Europe, and Southeast Asia. Based on this, we treat A&H as the cultural intersection to achieve the fusion of human beauty. On top of this, we will try our best to convey A&H Beauty concept to the worldwide.

Tian Yong



Beauty should be never-ending: Global deployment strategy, only for a better you.

From "Made In China" to "Mind In China", we are contributing our efforts.

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