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Who We Are

Inspiring Global Beauty

A&H International Cosmetics is based in Shanghai, China, and has enjoyed long term partnerships with global prestige and mass beauty brands since 2006.

  • We are professional beauty enthusiasts who take pride in creating breakthrough innovation to help our partners penetrate new markets, expand their market share, and surprise and delight their customers.
  • “Beauty-preneurs” across the globe trust our dynamic, diverse team to create, develop, and manufacture color cosmetics efficiently and responsibly.
  • Speed to market, quality, and unparalleled innovation can be achieved while delivering service excellence. Let us show you how.


Quality is personal when it comes to cosmetics. Our beauty products directly touch the skin, face, lips and eye area, becoming an extension of those who buy them.


We believe we play an important role in bringing beauty to everyone in the world. Actively demonstrating sustainable leadership is our responsibility to drive positive change and improvements to  environmental well-being of our business,


A&H International Cosmetics embraces a partnership culture of proactivity, flexibility and reliability that allows our clients to achieve their speed to market goals without sacrificing quality.

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