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What We Do

Where the Magic of
Beauty Begins

At A&H International Cosmetics, we strive to embolden partners through well researched ideas, audacious products, and bold packaging. Our performance-focused solutions aim to both delight the consumer and to contribute to the profit of our business clients.

Our collaborative approach to co-developing products builds trust with our long-term brand partners. To develop winning products, they need to be inspired by a creative vision and be built using customer-centric communication, flexibility, agility and strong formulation and industry knowledge.

More about what we do:


Fearless, confident and fun is the innovation experience your company will enjoy with the help of our forward-thinking Product Development and R&D teams.

Service Excellence

At A&H International Cosmetics, we listen to what our clients need and turn that into exceptional products that surprise and delight their customers.


A&H International Cosmetics embraces a partnership culture of proactivity, flexibility and reliability that allows our clients to achieve their speed to market goals without sacrificing quality.

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