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Sharing Our Passion for

Fearless, confident and fun is the innovation experience your company will enjoy with the help of our forward-thinking Product Development and R&D teams. Our cosmetic inventors bring client visions alive or offer unique products that put beauty companies on the map in their markets.

Captivate customers with customized packaging solutions that emulate your brand image. We accomplish this by understanding the messaging that’s most important to our clients and finding cost-effective packaging to translate it.


Creative product development incorporating textures, design, and performance

Storytelling that imbues beauty brands with a clear brand message and trustworthiness

Shade assortments that widen product appeal and celebrate customer diversity

R&D resources include highly experienced chemists, chemical and process engineers, global regulatory and robust stability and compatibility testing

Innovative raw materials that support sustainability, quality, marketing creativity, observing client black lists and healthy margins

A dedicated packaging team that aligns new packaging trends and technology to offer brand aligned, functional delivery systems or test and assess a client sourced packaging solution

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